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The 20 Peaks Challenge

The 20 Peaks Challenge is a crowdfunded project proposal that I posted on IndieGoGo here. It consists in reaching 20 peaks in the next spring and summer, some of the finest in my country, and documenting it all with awesome pictures.

The funders of the project, in exchange of their support, get back pictures and photobooks and they can bring to the top of the mountain a sentence or thought to be included in a summit logbook. I think this is quite a tangible payback; you will help organizing an expedition (that can be the first of a series!) and the rewards are designed to make you feel there with me in the making.

The amount of money needed to put the project in practice is around 3500 euro – that’s what I will get if the campaign gets sufficient funding. If not enough money is raised, well, this won’t stop me from going to mountain, but I prefer to refund everybody and do this with a different pace on my own. Instead if I get the funding, I will be rock and rolling next spring and summer, climbing up more than twice the height of Mount Everest from sea level. It’s a some hundreds kilometers trek. It will take almost all my free time in the next months to achieve this, but I love challenges, and I will make it, in an exteremely professional way.

The sponsorship is basically needed to get some good quality gears and pay the trips, some quite far away, needed to reach the starting point of the excursions. Let me stress also that these are treks, treks that take to a mountain top but they do not involve climbing, one thing I am not into. It’s “just” a long walk uphill (nevertheless, you’ve got to be careful: never underestimate dangers on mountain!).

I am an experienced mountaineer, I have conquered some of these peaks already but never attempted such a marathon of excursions in a single season. Curious about the list of peaks? Well, the presentation video names most of them, but I am going to publish the list in a separate post.

Please spread the word as much as you can, and come back here or on the Facebook page.

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