The Castles of Trento

Trento. A city that for me embodies the perfect mix between modern rationalism, eco-friendly sustainability, and respect for the past and traditions. A small, tidy city, full of green and castles, bike lanes and worl-class museums, surrounded by mountains, wineyards and apple fields.

A long weekend was the opportunity of exploring just a bit of what the city and specially the surroundings have to offer. Tourism is exceptionally well-organized, it’s plenty of monuments to see, festivals to attend, gourmet food to taste. And this without yet mentioning the surrounding mountains, undoubtedly among the most beautiful in the Alps.

In my shots I’m tring to capture the austere charm of the middle ages, the times of the frictions between Church and the German Empire, where Bishops where Counts and castles were built to seize the control over this valley leading from the fertile Italian plains to Austria.