About Me

DSCF1924Hi, my name is Filippo. I love to travel and see the world, nature, landscapes, people and their way of life. I try to save into pictures the feelings I get from my trips. The majesty of nature, the little surprises we may discover all around us if only we take our time and have the patience and the wit of looking.

The idea of this website is to tell you a little bit about my adventures, and at the same time to collect the best of my works to inspire you all.

383358_4252154657963_182722587_nMy primary job seems to be computer programmer. In fact I was fascinated by computers since I first had one – actually it was a videogame console, an Atari 2600, at the age of six. I find computers a very easy way to express creativity. I love to create, in this and many other forms (drawing, writing, wood carving, and of course also photography). I love colors, and my all times favorite is blue, the color of bright skies and of the sea, two enchanting subjects you will find very often in my pictures.

I live in the North West of Italy. I have visited lots of countries in Europe when I was younger. I was specially interested in the Balkans, where the flavors of Eastern Byzantine culture mix with Western Europe. When I stated travelling, the Soviet Empire was collapsing and, like a tidal wave, leaving behind the scattered remains of the previous national identities, that suddendly started to bloom anew.

I have always been interested in Asia. I have loved Japan through animation and manga, but I am much more familiar with South East Asia, where I travelled several times. Thailand taught me respect and interest in Buddhism. I am fond of tropical nature, the coconut trees, white sandy beaches, clean blue waters thriving with underwater life.

I have been to Australia once, and it was fantastic. I regret now not having spent much more time there, I should really go back whenever possible. Some of the sights of that trip, like the silent orange rocky hills of the Red Center or the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, are amongst my most vivid and dear memories.

I have, instead, visited America only for works and family. I have been some times to USA and Brasil for work, plus a couple of times to Argentina to visit relatives. I’d definitely like to go back to North and South America to explore some of the amazing places they offer, I am thinking about the remains of ancient civiliazations and some of the best natural wonders in the world.